This site is intended to provide as much or as little information about Jerry Schotz as the reader desires. The focus of the site is career and business, with personal references when relevant.

A passion for business operations

Highly motived to assist organizations to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, while being prepared for change. An agile organization can continuously move forward and adapt to a prosperous or adverse marketplace. Through continual review, measuring what is important, knowing the critical path and focusing on the right targets, I assist organizations to prepare for success and sustainability.

Laborer to Leader

Humble beginnings with factory-working roots, the road to being an organizational influence has been paved with struggles, setbacks, disappointments, and failure, but most importantly, lessons learned.

We don’t become an overnight success, we grow progressively and organically over time, through hard work.

The story of a small town boy entering the military is not a new story. Taking advantage of experiential, educational, and geographic opportunities, with guidance from a plethora of mentors does change the outcome.

Work History Overview